As some of you are already aware,O Holy Lights recently moved to Chester, Virginia. We ask for your patience as we adjust to our new surroundings and adapt the show to accomodate a totally different environment.

We would like to remind you of some courtesies to enable everyone to enjoy the show with the least amount of aggravation: If possible, turn off your headlights while watching the show. Try not to block our neighbors' driveways. Please be on the look out for children and dogs who might be waliking around. We would like to express our thanks to our new neighbors, Bud and Ramona, Pam and Roger, Brenda, and Glenn for their warm hospitality in welcoming us to the neighborhood. We hope that our Show doesn't put us on the Naughty List with them.

For those of you who have asked, yes, we have received some awards for our efforts:

  • 2007- 2nd place Colonial Heights Chamber of Commerce (lighted house category)
  • 2007- 1st place nationally for 16 channels in the Light O Rama competition with our version of 'Jingle Bells'
  • 2008- 1st place Colonial Heights Chamber of Commerce (lighted house category)

Have fun, be safe, and above all, have a very Merry Christmas!

The Raucci Family

12929 Erlene Drive , Chester, Virginia, 23831

Note: Our equipment is very sensitive to moisture which
prevents us from running the show on rainy days.

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